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After all, I was an expert-level pool-player all the way until my vision-loss. During the last year of my "still sighted" period, there was an online fantasy-card game called Hearthstone, which I liked so much, that I was playing it on daily basis, simetimes for many hours even!

That was the time when Optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom realize, how much I actually like that game-genre, and now I feel almost a physical need to find a replacement for that game, at least some, ANY fantasy-theme card game, which has the possibility to be played online, versus other people, and not just vs dumb and limited AIs!

Actually I do hope for existence of such asimilar audio-game, sonce those kind of games are graphically quite simple, meaning nirmally they aren't too "demanding" for game-developers ti create, or to eventually make their already existing fantasy-card-game playable to blind people, normally with the assistance of their screen-readers. Those have actual physical cards and communities around you can play with, and pokemon has its own series of games that aren't entirely card related, though the battles are somewhat similar.

I believe there's an accessible online YuGiOh game started a few years back in the new releases section, you can find the thread [ here ]. The rules are a little different to hearthstones, no mana for example, but are otherwise quite similar. My brother is a world champion ccg player, so I do understand the frustration, as they're games he's enjoyed but I've never got into due to lack of accessible versions the moment.

As As Magurpt said, the most extensive thing we've got ccg wise at the moment is crazy party. Crazy party is a combination of two games, both of which can be played optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom against other people, once you've unlocked enough to play with. There are 19 different gyms to beat with computer opponents, and once you've beaten your first few gyms and unlocked enough cards you can make decks optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom play online.

I believe currently there are 18 different elemental card types the elemental rules are slightly pokemon like ,around two thousand cards or so, with new ones being released in updates. Card affects include various attack and damage types, as well as status effects, parry cards, reaction cards that react to certain attack types, and also cards for doing things like drawing from your deck. Certainly this is the best accessible ccg game had so far.

There is then Aprone's triple triad game. This doesn't have online play yet, but it will hopefully be optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom soon. The game is basically a version of the triple triad minigame from the final fantasy series and some other squaresoft titles.

There is then the text based yugio simulator. I don't have as much experience with that, but you can check optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom topic in the new releases room. I gather that it is still something of a work in progress, though how that progress is I'm not sure.

There used to be a browser based ccg called I believe abandoned lands, who started with some access updates although navigating the site was a bit of a pestbut they seemed to have slightly dropped off the map.

As to access, yes, theoretically a computerized game similar to hearthstone could! Crazy party rocks, both the battle mode with it's ccg mechanics and the minigames too, and I can say playing online there is a great experience. Namely rs games client, quentin C playroom and blind adrenaline, though none have actual ccgs as yet. Finally, I am not sure if you have ic hotels group holiday inn chinle garcia trading post best binary options to Ios device, but there is a lot of competitive play stuff with online capabilities on that platform, plus, with the Ios device sensitive analogue inputs, eg, gyroscope, there are games which are a lot more practical.

There is also lost cities, which, while not a ccg is indeed a rather unique card game which you can play against other people online. Btw, I also wonder, did you see the option in puppet nightmares for online matches?

I don't mean the automatic hunting where you essentially fight another person's soul puppets controlled he computer ai, I mean the actual online version against others. I was a hearthstone addict for about a year. I have tried all the other games dark suggested like puppet optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom but I didn't like there pvp to much, aprone's game was enjoyable but once you beat the single player, discovered all the easter eggs in the story, and collected all the tiles that was pretty much it, there was no multiple player to keep you to keep playing the game.

I was hoping he did a mtg or hearthstone one, but since everyone was complaining about the yugioh mud, like most blind gamers complain about audio games, he decided to make the yugioh port instead of the others. I was learning bgt for a while to try and code a ccg game of my own but man my brain is fried so im taking a break lol and the lack of demand for them turns me off from making one since I think it would be a waste of time. I totally agree, Hearthstone is definitely a unique game, even among its own genre Man, I still often remember how hard I used to laugh after outsmarting sometimes even OP oponents, meaning ones with much stronger decks than my own onesmerely due clever moves, or pulling some unexpected tricks, and then beating them due more cleverly planned and constructed decks So yeah, I trust your opinion, and am about to try that Yug Mamely, I have as good as no experience with mudding and mud-clients I randomly downloaded 2 of them, and already by their installation both turned out to be quite NVDA-unfriendly, no text got read during the process at all, had to use my mouse insteadand then, after starting one of them, and trying to connect with a chosen nickname, everything just froze, and after a "hard" restart ALL my NVDA settings got "forgotten", so I had to adjust them again from the very defaults!!!

Can someone of you guys recommend me a simple, screen-reader-friendly mud-client to download and use, preferably with a download-link please??? After successfully installing and starting it, I guess optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom I'll have to do is to choose a nick, the name of the server to connect to, and its port-number I definitely feel your pain as well.

I played yu-gi-oh as a kid, the physical CCG i mean, completely blindly with a friend of mine. He would read me the most important things on a card, I would braille it on the card and that way we could sort of play together but it was painful. I have actually done research on this and there's a few clients that are so close to being accessible its maddening, but still broken enough to not be useful. Crazy Party's battle mode, like others said, is very CCG-like and is a full audiogame, I play it a lot.

The client for it should not give you any trouble; download the file linked to in the first post of the topic someone else already linked you to, unzip it, and run the mushclient. Press enter after the program has loaded and then follow the instructions on screen, NVDA should instantly start speaking.

I'll meet you there. I was smashing others decks, with having only two taunts, shield barer, and the mirrors. I don't think the audiogames community situation is as grim as you think it is Smooth gunner.

Over time the amount of genres available in audiogames has massively increased, hell I've been wanting a Mario party style optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom for absolutely years!

Whether it'll be developed by a community member, or be an indi game with access tweaks I'm not sure. Hell I'm already interested to see what Pragma has up his sleeve for the next crazy party update. Every update so far has added several card types, of course we've had the six battle mode as an unlockable.

I'll be interested to know where we go from here, especially with the game being still a beta. Wowww, nage was my primary decj too, I even constructed an attacking, minion-centricand a defensive relying mostly on spellsversion of it I was even mentioning my deck-names along with their primary-planned battle-strategy or focus, so I actually had an offensive and a dfensive mage, a taunter-hunter, a booster-druid, a tricky-rogue, and a charging-warrior, LOL!!!

Despite being only "secondary" decks, especially my taunter-hunter and booster-druid often produced series of PvP-wins in a row, while both of my mage-decks kept failing! I already have Mushz-client installed Or is it something else I will need I liked to use all of the classes so I wouldn't get bored with just using one most of the time. I needed all the gold and dust I could get to strengthen my decks.

I never used a penny of my own money, so capitalizing on any bonus gold, or packs was a must, so me pretty much having a secondary deck of the same class was out of the question. I do remember my warrior rush down deck, that i stuffed optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom in it that could attack as soon as you put optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom on the field.

I have been apart of it for I would say around 4years now, and from what I can see, a lot of audio players like to stick to pretty much only playing the same thing, fps games, or hack and slash games like bk3.

Agreed with Smooth on this one. I think it's like said before half non-interest, and half incredible backlash. People like to do things they're comfortable with. They don't like stepping outside the box if they don't need to. One where I could spend hours just collecting cards from campaign mode and or free battle as well as online play with perhaps antiing of cards? You also have to be careful not to interpret high accessibility adjustment as low demand.

The main reason Fallen Worlds and it's varients never caught on was because it took so much fiddling with your screen reader to get set up and use properly. Dedicated card players loved that game, but others would rather just have a game they can pick up and play without any adjustment or trying to figure out the layout. Others don't just want text, they want full sound and animations. This is why most muds never really catch on in the audiogames community long term or things like Project Yugioh.

I see a lot of this where the japanese games are concerned. Even now, where it only takes one other translation utility, most people would rather just have a professional translation done even though it'll never happen for most of the games than play some games we don't have available in english. It has nothing to do with low demand for RPGs, it has to do with too much setup no matter how easy it seems. In this case, some also feel threatened by the slightly scrambled nature of the translations.

I agree, the English market is a bit crippled in terms of genres. You can find some branching out in the japanese and other forign language games but there still are some genres that aren't completely covered.

It just doesn't have a playable storyline and the like beyond whatever text authors decide to include in campaigns and tends to work a little differently than something like Final Fantasy Tactics. I can't quite agree with your sentiment that if a developer comes out with a game, we should all just play it. I for one optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom not interested in just having games for the sake of having games.

So you aren't going to see me pick up and play flight simulators, train simulators, fishing games, racing games, word puzzles, card games like poker or fighting games just because quote, they exist and we might lose the developer if we don't.

I don't even think optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom be fair for me to play a game I wasn't interested in as I wouldn't be able to give balanced feedback to the optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom. The zip contains a number of sound files and plugins as well as mushclient. Optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom right, technically you don't need the mushclient binary itself, but it is very convenient that everything is set up the way it is if you just extract the folder somewhere.

If you would want to integrate the sound files etc into your existing installation you'd have to move certain files from the zip in certain places to link it all up, whereas the zip already contains everything the way it should be.

Yup, you'll add a second portable optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom but it doesn't take much room and you can use that one as a dedicated client for yu-gi-oh.

If you'd rather unite them, I can help you with that as well, but personally I think its not really worth it to do that. Sorry, it seems that I haven't used accurate enough expressions. Namely, I had all together only 6 custom decks in Hearthstone, never bothered with the original ones after earning all their cardsso I actually had no custom decks for some hero-types, I optionen trading card game pokemon online forum playroom to make 2 only for mage, which I called my "primary" decks,while the only ones I constructed for hunter, druid, rogue, and warrior, so only one deck for eachI called my "secondary" decks, mostly because I created them round 2 weeks later than the2 mage decks, after realizing all the disadvantages of using only 1 hero-type in the game.

And despite trying to keep them as truely "secondary" ones, so round levels lower than mage, they still often proved more efficient and successful in PvP than my 2 "primary" ones.

It semms I will need a "step-by-step" instruction or guidance with that Jugelo called game, meaning one like:. I already have the Mushz client, so if it will do, then "skip this step".