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I bring none of that to the table. The only way for the average person to obtain those essentials is to buy them. As opposed to other services I have tried, the Gorilla's methodology provides all those prerequisites and his trading philosophy aligns with mine. What I am sure of is [that] suggestions that are made by the Gorilla are made with a foundation of analysis and expertise far greater than anything I am able to do, and, far greater than any other service of its kind that I am aware of.

I never felt that I was knowledgeable or had the time to become knowledgeable enough to buy individual stocks. After studying William O'Neil's book "The Successful Investor" and getting a handle on what to look for in a stock, I was left with an empty feeling trying to sift through all the stocks to find those few that had the "right credentials.

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I will soon be trading like a Gorilla, while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and the 16th green from the North Shore CC in Corpus Christi, TX every winter from now on once my "don't freeze my butt off" home is complete in June. The repetitions of buying into strength rather than weakness, of always assigning an exit strategy to every trade, of balancing risk against potential returns; all these lessons that the Gorilla repeats almost nightly are yielding profits.

Winning will take care of itself. You are the best. The best because you tell us "when to hold them and when to fold them. The benefits of GorillaTrades membership easily outweigh the cost. In fact, I'm up I buy high delta options, usually strikes in the money and around 6 months to expiration. I also love to read the daily market commentary.

Keep up the strong work!! The Gorilla has developed a system that consistently identifies stocks to trade that have a high probability of success. Perhaps one of the most significant features of the system is that it can be fully used from anywhere in the World where I have Internet access.

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