Future and option tips nse

There is also an expiration date of options. This means that they last for only a certain period of time. You cannot hold an option for a long time. Suppose you buy an option in July, in that case, the option will expire in late June. So, you have to close the position before its expiration. So, you can go for future and options tips where you can manage your options in a systematic way.

Also go for share tips so that you can get the whole idea of the market. Click here for Indian stock market tips. For more details click here. What Are Futures Options? Call Option If you think that the underlying futures price will move higher then can buy call option. Futures Contracts means you agree to buy or sell the underlying security at a 'future' date. If you buy the contract, you promise to pay the price at a specified time.

If you sell it, you must transfer it to the buyer at a specified price in the future. He is, however, not obligated to do so. The seller of an option is obligated to settle it when the buyer exercises his right.

In futures contracts, the buyer and the seller have an unlimited loss or profit potential. The buyer of an option can make unlimited profit and faces limited downside risk. The seller, on the other hand, can make limited profit but faces unlimited downside. Required to pay only margin money. What are futures and options?

There are of two types contracts: What is a futures contract? What is an options contract? Low brokerage compare to delivery.