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Read the full story here. I use Clmforex for a while. This happened to me with a real forex broker review forum and I hope with this share people are more aware of this broker.

Took a CALL trade and was otm for most of the duration. And at the last few seconds probably 10seconds b4 expiry the price moved strongly in my favour by a wide margin which is shown on their own mt4 binary platform from which I trade.

When the countdown ended the result says OTM and I was shocked by forex broker review forum. I was stunned by this and I did not do anything, like save screen or anything like that. This happened twice on that particular day of trading with the same scenario, ie. I did not lodge any complain with them and I immediately closed my account and has never return to do trades with them since. Why I did not lodge a complain? B'cos there was no way to show any proof at all where my expiry time is unique to my trade and the image will not proof anything at all.

I kept quiet all this while, and there are many forex broker review forum in binary forums that heap praise on this broker. Well, this is my personal experience and I forex broker review forum forward today to share my bad experience with them. I don't know if anyone else experience this, if you do pls do share what happened to your trades here so other traders is made aware of this broker. Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: September edited January in Brokers. September edited September Recomiendo enormemente este broker, son lo mejor que he encontrado en atencion y servicio.

I only regret not having met before, the quick retreats. Has anyone on this forum used CLMforex or any of these Australian brokers? December edited January All I can say is great broker!!! I hate the fact that US traders can not use this platform as it is a dream come true for binary options traders who use MT4!!!

Anyone traded with either of these brokers? All i can see is that they are forex and binary option brokers that are ASIC licensed. No reviews that i can find online yet. I recommend them for anybody who is not in the U. I think they are going to be one of the best options for bin traders, too bad they are not available in the U.

Forex broker review forum am based in New Zealand and from what I gather, these 2 brokers seem pretty good compared to most binary options brokers outside of the U. I will give them a try and hope for the best Forex broker review forum, i never followed Michael Freeman advice, which was to trade with Titantrade.

He almost had me forex broker review forum scammer This forum has helped heaps! Thanks moyes, its already updated. Be sure to let us know how you find em.

I don't believe you. I think some Israeli based firm hired you to post forex broker review forum reviews being you are from Malaysia, forex broker review forum with India I don't trust many posts as these countries are known for their cheap spam. Also if you have such an issue why would you not resolve it?

Another thing forex broker review forum all the people I know that use them love the high payouts and easy to use platform and have never reported any issues with trades which is unusual for a broker, so my guess is they are doing a really good job. Too bad I can't use them in the U. Up to you to believe what you wish, that's your personal choice. To say people from asia post on forums is less credible As to why I don't take up tis matter with the broker, I already explained in my post.

Yes maybe you are right I should take it up with the broker but the fact of the matter is I did not and I declared that in my post above. I hesistated to make this post earlier in those forums becos of people like you and you prove me right. For the record I posted numerous posts in praise of this broker on both those boards earlier. By this experience, I changed my mind about them. I would have made this forex broker review forum on a new thread but unfortunately they both are offline at the moment.

That's all I have to say on this forum. My main purpose I registere on this forum is to contact people for news about those forum. If you still feel what I posted is cheap spam by virtue of where I live, go ahead to delete both my posts as a moderator of this forum. There is one member who opened a thread on boe as a review forex broker review forum this broker on boe.

I wrote a pm to him, the only person that I have ever shared this with till now. He can vouch for me about what I wrote to him. And if you are a regular on boe you should know this poster from Canada.

One last matter, as moderator of this forum and for the benefit and convenience of the international audience, can you please put up a prominent sign on this board the official list of countries whose citizens are not allowed to spam on forex broker review forum board.

I am not Michael Freeman so forex broker review forum have nothing to worry about as long as you are not trying to sell something. I don't care who you are or who you know I treat most people the same, which is not really all that nice lol If after you inform them and they tell you to F off take a hike.

At least you tried to resolve it with to see if maybe there was something technically wrong. I can't even go further because numpty here did not even forex broker review forum if there was an issue with the timing.

Still if anybody else has had such issue with CLMforex please let us know! January edited Forex broker review forum I like the fact that these firms are ASIC regulated, though Australia was founded mainly by criminals being deported from England so time will tell. Has anyone ever had any problems withdrawing money from CLM forex? Nope they usually process my withdrawal on the day itself. I've started a demo account with Core Liquidity and love the way it works.

Just doing some research on what kind of broker they are, seen some post on line saying they forex broker review forum some how associated with GoMarketsAus. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.