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E-Trade has the following prices and commissions:. They also offer bond trading and Forex trading. You can also trade free for 60 days at E-Trade. TradeKing was founded in and has been one of the leaders in low commission online brokerages. They offer low cost pricing that is easy to understand and plenty of free tools for both traders and investors.

TradeKing offers the following features and investing tools:. OptionsHouse was founded in and they are dedicated to providing active option traders with the best commissions, high speed and trading tools available. OptionsHouse offers the following option trading tools:.

Scottrade was founded in by Rodger Riney and has ever since been one of the top online brokerage firms. They offer transparent and easy to understand, not to mention, cheap commissions on stock trades. With Scottrade , you can trade in any type of investment product, including stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, IRAs and international investing.

Scottrade offers the following trading prices and commissions:. These online stock brokers all have great trading and investing tools. TD Ameritrade has the most trading platforms available for all types of trades and affordable futures trading commissions. E-Trade has many tools at your disposal, plus they have local retail brokers that you can talk to in person. TradeKing is great for option trades with their analytical charting tools and OptionsHouse offers the lowest commissions on options trades.

Scottrade is the best all around online broker offering the most comprehensive list of investing products. TD Ameritrade — Best Features.

Investors and traders looking for several trading platform options. E-Trade — Best Features. Free research including exclusive market commentary, educational videos, live and on-demand web seminars and demos and tutorials. Investors looking for decent commissions and a great deal of research and educational material. Trade Free for 60 Days - [ activate coupon ].

TradeKing — Best Features. A complete technical analysis suite of tools including chart pattern recognition. Investors and traders that are more interested in option trading than investing in stocks. Optionshouse — Best Features. OptionsHouse has the lowest commission for option trades per contract. The serious option trader looking for the best prices and set of option trading tools. Scottrade — Best Features. You will be able to place trades while browsing online with their quick trade bar.

Scottrade offers all types of investment products including foreign investments. Investors that are more interested in investing rather than trading. Trade Free for 60 Days - Activate. Broker related topics are discussed quite often here.

One of the reasons that led me to spend a lot of time on brokers is that even though I have many brokerage accounts, including account with Zecco, Scottrade, TradeKing, and Firstrade, I can always find something new or improvements at these brokers. That led to further evaluation of the brokerage firms, not just the brokers themselves, but also their products, services, and tools, because a single change could affect my entire perception of the broker.

For example, I have my account with Zecco for more than four years now. Though I doubted their model could last, I still joined to take advantage of their commission-free trading offer and I made quite some free trades, though Zecco was only a play account for me. Since , Zecco has gradually added additional requirements for investors to qualify for the free trees and eventually killed the program early this year. Free trades from Zecco was good, but there was no guarantee that they will stay.

On the other hand, we also brokers that charge higher commission than Zecco and Options House did, but their commissions have been kept steady for years. Examples in this group of brokers include Scottrade and TradeKing , two very popular brokers that have maintained their commissions for years.

I have reviewed many brokers before and have shared my experience such as opening an account and making a trade with them, but the discussions scattered all over the place, making it especially difficult to compare brokers side by side.