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On September 24,the U. The robber barons hoped to make a mint by driving the price of gold into the stratosphere, and to help pull it off, they built a network of corruption that extended from Wall Street and the New York City government all the way to the family of President Ulysses S. If any pair of investors had the financial clout and lack of scruples required to engineer the bedlam of Black Friday, it was Jay Gould and Jim Fisk. In earlyGould spun a web aimed at conquering what was perhaps the most audacious target in the American financial system: From there, they could drive up the price and sell for astronomical profits.

Treasury had continued a policy of using its massive gold reserves to buy back greenbacks from the broker to broker trade definition apush. This meant that the government effectively set the value of gold: If a speculator like Gould tried to corner the market, Grant could simply order the Treasury to sell off huge amounts of gold and drive the price through the floor.

For his gold scheme to work, Gould needed President Grant to keep a tight grip on his purse strings. In the spring broker to broker trade definition apushGould befriended Corbin and persuaded him to help with his secret plan to corner the gold market. Corbin also used his family connections to cozy up to Grant and try to persuade him that high gold prices would benefit U.

He arranged for Gould to meet with Grant to discuss the matter, and even helped anonymously author an editorial in the New York Times claiming that the president had reversed his financial policy. The constant wheedling eventually paid broker to broker trade definition apush. During a meeting with Corbin on September 2, Grant confided that he had changed his mind on gold and planned to order the treasury not to sell over the next month.

Jay Gould and a few other conspirators had been secretly stockpiling gold since August, but upon learning that the fix was in, they disguised their identities behind an army of brokers and proceeded to gobble broker to broker trade definition apush all the gold they could. Gould was stunned, but in true broker to broker trade definition apush baron fashion, he neglected to divulge the new information to Fisk or his other partners.

Instead, when the buying bonanza resumed on September 23, he began secretly selling off as much of his own gold as he could. Shortly before noon, he met with Treasury Secretary George Boutwell, who had been following the chaos via telegraph.

After a brief conversation, Grant ordered Boutwell to open his vaults and flood the market. Thousands of speculators were left financially ruined, and at least one committed suicide. Foreign trade ground to a halt. Farmers may have felt the squeeze most of all, with many seeing the value of their wheat and corn harvests dip by 50 percent. Nevertheless, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk managed to escape the disaster none the worse for wear.

Despite multiple allegations of malfeasance and an official investigation by Congress, the two leveraged their political connections and employed broker to broker trade definition apush brigade of attorneys to avoid spending a single night in jail.

Fisk even ducked out on his massive losses, claiming third party brokers had made the trades without his knowledge. Gould may have proved even more fortunate. You will soon receive an activation email.

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A discount broker is a stockbroker who carries out buy and sell orders at a reduced commission rate. However, he or she provides no investment adviceunlike a full-service broker. Before the emergence of technology, only the wealthy could afford a broker and get access to the stock market. However, the internet has brought an explosion of discount brokers that allow individuals with smaller capital to trade, at a smaller fee.

Discount brokers carry broker to broker trade definition apush orders at cheaper costs, but they typically just execute orders for their clients. They do not offer personal consultations, advice, research, tax planning, and estate planning services for customers. Aside from not providing extra wealth management services, discount brokers can offer lower fees because they do not spend money closing deals with high-net-worth individuals.

Plus, most of them today operate their businesses online, resulting in low overhead. Whether one opts for a discount broker or a full-service broker depends on their investing and trading knowledge and skills, financial goals and needs, and current financial status. Since commissions typically take a healthy chunk out of investment and trading returnssome individuals opt to go for products offered by discount brokers instead.

Full-service brokers are a better option for investors who need professional investment advice or who want to stay on top of their financial planning. Discount brokers are particularly useful to investors and traders who actively buy and broker to broker trade definition apush securities on a frequent basis. Investors who frequently trade especially benefit from the lower commissions discount brokers charge.

Investors who don't need advice, have small portfoliosor just want their trades executed are also usually better off using discount brokers. In the securities industry, discount brokerages provide clients with their own accounts. These investors usually do not interact with a live broker. If they do, the communication is minimal and are only done broker to broker trade definition apush trade executions.

The services provided by discount brokers are built for self-directed traders and investors. Their electronic trading platforms are also patterned in a way that would be beneficial and attractive for active traders. Discount brokers can also be found in the real estate and other financial services fields. Discount brokers in the real estate industry help individuals buy and sell properties.

These discount brokers also have access to the same home listings as full-service real estate agents. Discount brokers may also sell insurance products — though again, they do not provide professional financial advice. Discount Broker to broker trade definition apush By Investopedia Staff. Why Use a Discount Broker Discount brokers carry out orders at cheaper costs, but they typically just execute orders for their clients. Where to Find a Discount Broker In the securities industry, discount brokerages provide clients with their own accounts.

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