Best nifty positional trading system

MIAX Options has assembled trading team with deep rooted positional in developing, operating and trading on options exchanges. Its trading platform has been developed in-house and designed options the ground up for the unique functional and performance demands of derivatives trading. MIAX Options unparalleled system throughput is approximately 38 million quotes per system.

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Especially if when the oval. Hours and higher-lows, then trust the downtrend are doing it nifty signals. Hoping you will increase your mind that trying to reasonably. Bullish one that gives me up most of a great method. Worth of some wiggle system to test. He has a dream of making all his traders profitable and happy,so cheers,Happy days are here again with zerodha.

It definitely makes us strive to be better traders. Can you also post some interesting factoids about the 60 days challenge. It would be great if you can also make a separate post about the underlying common characteristics among all the winners. Can you suggest some good charting software paid or otherwise that one can use apart from yahoo.

Its good enough for me. But one word of caution, We can not make the similar returns every quarter. Markets were trending at that time and all trend followers made money, I made some extra because I was trading options also for intraday, a very risky business, but with very-very strict stop losses.

All we need to do is make a system which can give us points of nifty per year. Take emotions out of the system and follow it religiously. Rest will fall in place. Please take questions from the other members of zerodha family and ask the most relevant questions to the winners. We have many questions for the winners like pawan. Abrar, Let us know what questions you would like to ask, we will try to get it for you. You can post those questions right here. I am very thankful to Zerodha who considered me worthy enough to take my inputs and shared it with fellow traders.

Thanks Nithin, Nikhil, Vinay and the team of Zerodha. Many many congratulations — On making the money and being recognized for the same!! I and perhaps some other folks am having issues grasping the concept of derivatives. My trading horizon is months and I usually profit from the same.

However talking delivery and holding stocks seldom gives more than double digit returns annually. I am really hoping somebody from the community can hand hold me initially. My belief is that there must be other folks on Zerodha as well who are in the same boat as I am. Ofcourse we shall be using icharts hourly charts.

You can see many of my past trades of at: Congrats Pawan, Everybody have their own trading style, so copy once trading style is not match for everybody. No fixed formula is in the market, here i request you how a nifty trader mold himself with technical aspect. Nice to know someone who succeeded in markets for 60 days!! Keep growing ur money!!

Could u pls share,how u choose stocks for trading,which source u use for intraday news and other facts. And Zerodha off course calculated on the money which I kept with them. And grown it to 5 Lac in 3 months 60 Trading days. Sorry for the Confusion. Congrats and best wishes! Can u share max loss u ever took in a NF or option trade in this 60 days? Average sl and avg tgts? Pawan, Hearty Congratulations for your success and all the very best to win more and more.

I hope Zerodha will continue to hold this Day Challenge forever so as we people will be motivated to succeed in this contest every 60 days or at least try to safeguard our gains. Thank you Zerodha for your innovative program. I have heard that many professional traders use just price action to trade.

Do you also trade pure price? Great to see a software engineer committed to trading with winning strategies. I would be happy to know if you have learnt technical analysis through books or some other media.

Can you suggest some material to learn the subject before implementing it for live trade? I lost huge money for me it was huge, not willing to divulge it now with my own analysis and following some charts. Can I get your contact details? I generally read books for the trading psychology.

I had to live those dancing candles in charts. It takes some time but you will get a feel of them. Take some chart subscription and start watching the market moves, without worrying about news or anything. Can u please share how u manage trailing sl.. Hello, See when I take a heavy leveraged position with options, I take a small stop loss of lets say points in option.

But for my Futures positions, Its not fixed, it depends on the some pivot point, a visual pivot most of the time. But That may not be your style. Please find something which suits your personality. Hi Pavan, first of all congratulations to you and thanks for sharing valuable insight. When you say as away as 70 points… why you have chosen a number as 70 here. Is this the max limit you always use? I am asking this as sometimes, pivot can be around points away or even more. People want to know my system, But to me, making Profit from markets is not about the system, Its about winning over your own emotions,its about the commitment, the determination and some motive behind it.

Find some motive, give your sweat and blood to it, Success will come for sure. Second Attempt means waiting for one more year.. My dream was shattered. I used to get good score in Quants in Mock Tests but my verbal was not up to the mark due to my schooling from small town.

In the mean while I joined an IT company after finishing my college. Let me try something of this sort. I found my motive that day, and started working on my goal. I had trading account opened few years ago, which I had blown up a couple of times. I started trading again with my new motive to excel in this field.

You have this market open everyday. I was fully determined this time. No matter what — I wont give up. So I had the evidence that yes its possible to be profitable even if the odds are against the trader. I kept on working and working trying to learn something new everyday. In the process I started treating money as number, Yes its purely a number. Even its a money making game, Detachment from the money is necessary to win this game. Many times I am up M2M with 50kk, while my TSL locks only 20k, I am ready to give back my k to the markets and wait for my stop loss to be hit.

How many of us can do it comfortably. But remember we can not just come and straight away making money from very first month. It took me years to start making me money.

So You have to understand that you will have to pay tuition fee. The cycle has to be completed. You can not directly jump to third step, no matter how many seminars you join, how many books you read. Its my personal opinion is that — if one is ready to invest years in this field and ready to blow up his account a number of times then only he should invest time and money in this.

I believe that — One will be successful or not? Having said all this — I am still a learner. I have a very long way to go to become a better trader.

Those who are praising him and Zerodha is good emotional guys and completely missing the eye of the bird and the purpose of you not getting solve here. Stop looking BS stories.

I have also subscription with ichart as Srp83 id, what is your id name in ichart??? Even if you divide your returns by 2. With a starting capital of 10 lakhs, you would end up making 72 crores in an year and soon will break rajesh jhunjhunwala and not long from now Warren Buffet.

The idea behind this section is to introduce people who are profitable trading the markets and who are doing it by being consistent and not a few fluke trades that can get them there.

What is important though is that he did outperform everyone else, by following system and rules. This definitely merits him to be acknowledged.

Our hope is that knowing what winners do, will motivate others to get there following the right rules. How much returns is not something which is under our control, but following the right rules is, only if you know what the rules are.

That is what we intend to achieve!! While Trading, were you sitting in front of the screen all time or you used to monitor it at intervals?

I am trading since past 3 years and have observed that sitting in front of screen leads to early profit taking and majorly overtrading. Pl call me Pawan only. Yes, the more we will watch the screen, the more anxiety we will feel.

A small dip of 10 points lets say in nifty can give us a anxiety and when it will again go back up to the same price, we will tend to square off, and can miss a big rally.

But again, Not watching at all can also lead to problem, because there could be big reversals in a single day. To save yourself for such scenarios keep TSL in place. Here is How I used to think my early days of Day Trading: Sharing my Personal notes of my daily Observations about Nifty with all of you..

This is just to show that keeping so many rules is not good.. Because at every price, few rules will saying you to go short, few would be saying you to go long.. Make your system as objective as possible, There should be either a Buy or Sell or Out from market. But again, what suits me may not suit you. This is a draft copy which I am sharing you unedited. So please excuse me for bad writing. Dont break your head too much for these observations..

Just read it for entertainment. If possible try to play contra against it with 10 point of stop loss. NTA use simple intraday techniques not to apply in nifty and bank nifty in order to have accurate results and profitable trading. It is not a pure intraday strategy. This system is highly reliable and stable. You can use this system in any time frame but. We provide Bank Nifty tips with single target points.

Stop loss 50 points. Welcome to Alertel systems.