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Going beyond tech press: Nanit quickly became known as a leading smart baby monitor, surpassing its sales goals at launch selling out of their first two batches of units within one month post-launch.

The company received inbound interest and then struck distribution deals by several top retailers, including Amazon and Target, as well as key baby registry sites, including Babylist.

Our press program successfully garnered more than pieces of coverage in the nine months since the company launched, with a total estimated reach of million. Nanit started shipping devices to its customers in December I turned to Dane after hearing glowing recommendations from a number of entrepreneurs I trust. They were spot on. As a former venture-backed startup founder himself, Dane helped guide me through the noise and isolate the signal so I could execute from a place of clarity, confidence and strength.

Not only am I a better CEO for working with Dane, I am a better human — more balanced, happy and clear than ever before. I recommend Dane to any CEO looking to gain a competitive edge. Our work together allowed me to find the space to be more strategic, build a powerful exec team, delegate and build the foundation for a world-class company all while being less stressed, healthier and happier.

Follow our YouTube Channel Here: Everywhere you look, companies are scrambling to attend to the latest employee misstep, leaked memo, tone deaf Tweet or corporate policy gone Uber wrong. Every successful business encounters a crisis or several. The key to winning in a crisis revolves around a few key steps: PR Crisis equals Business Crisis. They are business problems that need to be solved with business changes not PR responses.

So what happens when you do find yourself in one of those crisis scenarios. First, assess the damage…. Fix the problem quickly. Level 2 — The media has started asking questions about a particular problem. Ignoring means you have something to hide. If the problem is fixed or being fixed, immediately contact the journalist or outlet and explain the situation and what is being done to fix it.

Inform your stakeholders and employees. And tell them what your plan is to solve it. Level 5 — Extreme external pressure from investors, government inquiries and calls for regime change. Your final step, when the storm has passed, is to learn from your experience and do a post-crisis evaluation. Ask yourself what the company learned from this? What processes could have been put in place to avert or minimize it? How can the company fix its problems to avoid such a crisis in the future.

If you expect ongoing crisis as a result of just the business you are in, you must accept the new reality and prepare your stakeholders for this as your business continues to grow. Regardless of the crisis, there are some universal steps to take. Thinking through your social media communication plan specifically is critical. Social monitoring company Hootsuite recommends to:. Include a list of who should be contacted at each stage of a potential crisis, and provide guidelines for how all employees are expected to communicate on social media.

Social media offers a public forum to immediately acknowledge the situation while you work on fine tuning more in-depth communication… A simple message from a company acknowledging the issue and letting people know that more information is coming soon can help contain the negative sentiment around an issue and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

Another bright light here: People have short attention spans. This is why two of the most important groups to cater to are your Board and your team. Most companies and leaders understand issues will occur and are more interested in your response and your open line of communication. Meanwhile, be careful what you email your teams. Those memos are often leaked. Key players like Google , Microsoft and Apple are paving the way for entrants, some of which we represent, to give teachers and students access to innovative classroom tech.

Specific within education technologies, we have built category leaders within their respective communities like Osmo , Nearpod , and ClassDojo , as well as building brands in family entertainment and educational gaming with Flybrix , Pixelberry and PlayKids.

Osmo is the award-winning leader of a new play movement, one that bridges the physical and digital worlds for the ultimate hands-on learn and play experience. Starting at zero, Osmo is now in hundreds of thousands of households, is sold in more than Apple stores around the globe, and is used in more than 20, schools worldwide. View our work with Osmo here. We helped Nearpod , makers of an interactive classroom lesson planning platform, create a VR strategy and orchestrated the launch of Nearpod VR, the first of its kind virtual reality program for K classrooms.

The company has become the leading edtech platform that lets teachers find, create and distribute digital learning experiences, and is now used in 1 out of 10 US schools. Read more about our work with Nearpod here.

We launched ClassDojo , the educational tool to build positive behavior with her students in the U. Partnering with Flybrix , we promptly set out to build a bold narrative and go-to market communications strategy that differentiated them from other drone companies — all in advance of a highly-competitive holiday season. Fybrix is now used in over U.

More about our work with Flybrix here. Working with Pixelberry , we launched their mobile game High School Story which helps adolescents and young-adults deal with the stresses of teenage life. Through our relationship with Y-Combinator and Social Capital , we launched CodeNow , a company focused on teaching programming basics to high schoolers — particularly girls, ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups.

The launch made headlines in Fast Company , TechCrunch , and InfoWorld and the organization expanded their programs into additional markets to include even more students in New York, Washington D. Nearpod enables K teachers to create, find and distribute lesson plans to students on any digital device.

The company launched in , and after many years of operating in stealth mode, selected VSC in late to build awareness in schools and within the greater technology landscape. At a time when the market boasted several other online education and digital learning companies, our goal was to differentiate Nearpod from the competition and drive sales. Despite interesting work being done by Nearpod in the classroom, VSC determined the edtech company should not try to focus on mobile apps, which media considered old-hat, but instead direct the conversation along a new axis.

In our due diligence, we discovered experimental work being pursued in virtual reality, which had largely remained hidden from the public. Given recent developments with high-profile companies in VR such as Oculus Rift, VSC identified an opportunity to not only capitalize on the heightened attention paid to virtual reality, but also push the edtech conversation in a new direction. As such, VSC advised Nearpod to lead with this experimental VR work and scale it in such a way to help the company gain media interest and create a new entry point for its broader mobile application offerings.

Nearpod sourced low-cost VR viewers in order to emphasize the accessibility of the product to any school, as compared to other cost-prohibitive solutions such as Oculus Rift. From the Wall Street Journal: Students already use tablets and netbooks in the classroom, to share text, record and watch videos, and conduct research.

Virtual reality — the technology that lets people experience immersive, degree images — would take technology in the classroom to the next level. While the WSJ feature would set the vision and tone for the rest of the campaign, VSC planned for immediate follow-on coverage that could demonstrate how other schools can join the VR education revolution. We secured a feature in Fortune , using two school districts as case studies for how schools could replicate or adopt VR programming in their own classrooms.

Additionally, VSC secured regional print and broadcast features on the teachers who received Nearpod grants, reaching new audiences of teachers and students. Beyond showcasing how teachers were using the technology, we strategically selected and worked with notable education influencers like Teachers with Apps and Instructional Tech Talk to review the Nearpod VR classroom experience. In the first six months of our engagement, the earned media campaign reached 36 million people, including decision makers in local schools, technology partners and venture capitalists.

Beyond that, Nearpod successfully reached more than 6 million students through its virtual reality program and separated from other edtech startups through its innovative products, controversial opinions on education technology and regional press.

We had the pleasure of working with Brian, Alison and their talented team on one of the biggest app launches of Read about our work here.

Artificial intelligence is a hot space and MightyTV represents the second acquisition in this sector from within our network in the past year. Co-created by restaurant developer Julia Collins and serial entrepreneur Alex Garden, Zume Pizza is on a quest to make healthier pizza more accessible.

Zume engaged VSC to establish the company as a legitimate competitor and healthier alternative to Big Pizza conglomerates by delivering fresh, healthy affordable food in an entirely new way. Additional goals included driving pizza orders and investor awareness. Our challenge was twofold: Making secret sauce not-so-secret: It served as our news-driven moment to tell their bigger story.

Food first, tech second: Given the technology was unprecedented, we had to educate reporters on the concept of dwell time, or the period of time a pizza is spent outside the oven while en route for delivery. Reducing dwell time enables Zume to make pizza at half the fat and 40 percent fewer calories, without chemicals or preservatives typically used to prolong shelf life. Instead of telling reporters about Zume, we invited them in to taste the difference.

The media witnessed our innovation first-hand and tasted the pizza themselves. The relatively small startup is now the hottest innovation in the pizza industry.

The launch reached million people. After the launch, Zume experienced record week-over week order volume which not only spiked for the campaign but led to overall higher order volume ongoing. The campaign generated curiosity, interest, demand and repeat customers. A supreme publicity pie, if you will. The company received hundreds of inbound inquiries from investors, potential partners and prospective employees. What is Protocol Ventures, and what does it do? So why start Protocol Ventures?

What do you and your fund managers think is going to happen with crypto in ? Any final thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency? Our Launch Strategy Our initial research revealed the immense need for improved sleep for both parents and babies.

The Results Nanit quickly became known as a leading smart baby monitor, surpassing its sales goals at launch selling out of their first two batches of units within one month post-launch. Accolades came in from our target press: Saying Nanit is just a baby monitor is like saying sleeping is just something you do to pass the time.

Nanit does it all. Combine this with the fact that assets are internationally traded means that at least one market somewhere in the world will be open making binary options trading a 24 hours a day 7 days a week affair.

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